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Eat in or take out, it’s always fun.

Munch gives you the entire restaurant menu on your mobile phone in your language with beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions of each item. You can order and pay instantly as an individual or group.

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Stop waiting and start enjoying.

Our Menu App and AI-powered Chatbots are ready to serve you. Never wait again to get your order taken. You can pay and dash in a flash!

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Order directly from any device.

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Avoid awkward moments

No more unfair bill splitting.

Quickly order and only pay for your meal. You can also easily sponsor a friend - if you are feeling generous.

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Pay & Dash

No more waiting for the bill.

Pay your way. Munch accepts, debit cards, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, EFT or loyalty points as payment methods.

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Order Ahead

Skip the queue.

Leave the office and grab a hot dinner on the way home - we will ensure the timing is just perfect.

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Exclusive Specials

Get maximum value.

We reward and delight loyal Munch customers with free meals and treats.

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Delivery Anyone?

We come to you.

Get your favorite meals delivered right to your door.

See Munch in Action.

Discover your inner foodie and lose yourself in our gorgeous menu. We have pictures of every menu item along with mouth-watering descriptions and dietary information.

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Munch for your business.

Give every patron a great personalised customer experience. Munch gives you valuable insights and analytics to help you refine your menu.

Munch for Business